Presidential Profile. The Alvin neighborhood school aboard of Regents attracts nominations and apps for that placement of chairman.

Presidential Profile. The Alvin neighborhood school aboard of Regents attracts nominations and apps for that placement of chairman.

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The Alvin Community institution Board of Regents encourages nominations and apps for that state of ceo. Another ceo will build on the outstanding process of retiring leader Dr. Christal M. Albrecht, having supported Alvin group school since 2014. The positioning needs commitment in regards to our group together with the objective regarding the school while sporting an informed perception of the changing higher education yard. Alvin group school are a public area school in Brazoria district, Lone-star state. The school produces educational solutions in workforce training courses, teachers, technical areas, grown fundamental degree, and personal advancement.

Alvin are a wonderful place with simple origins dating back to 1845. Alvin is definitely nestled relating to the busyness of Houston, as well as the exotic shorelines on the Texas Gulf seashore. They comfortably offers traffic big-city sites with small-town welcome with just about an hours drive from the Kemah Boardwalk, area focus Houston, downtown Houston, and Galveston.

Skilled professional and Chosen Requirements

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The winning applicant are going to be a stronger and efficient academic commander with vision, razor-sharp strategical looks, and a showed capability to run an emerging, intricate institution. Perfect candidate is a visionary and entrepreneurial leader exactly who inspires self-confidence and confidence, both within and outside Alvin people university and who is a superb communicator and spokesman who could suggest for the school.

Additionally, the right candidate will need to have all of the following specialist skills and personal feature:

To understand more about Alvin area institution and so the Presidential Google procedures, remember to see the affixed post.


Salary can be aggressive and commensurate with skills and experiences.

How exactly to use

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You should strong concerns, nominations, and program components to:

Alvin people college or university happens to be the same options company and does not discriminate against any individual on the basis of run, faith, design, love, pregnancy, gender resources, intimate orientation, adult position, national source, era, disability, personal medical history or genetic ideas, governmental affiliation, armed forces solution or expert’s reputation.

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Contact Details

Greenwood/Asher & Associates Betty Turner Asher, Spouse and Vp | Itza Walters, Exec Research Professional Email

Remember to lead inquiries, nominations, and tool items on the contact information above.

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