Despite this lady sister’s overeager meddling, Maud in the course of time chooses to accept from inside the Ponyville, stepping into a treasure cavern near the town


Despite this lady sister’s overeager meddling, Maud in the course of time chooses to accept from inside the Ponyville, stepping into a treasure cavern near the town

From the episode The fresh new Provide of Maud Pie, Maud meets Pinkie Pie inside Manehattan to celebrate the annual “Pie Sisters’ Wonder Change Big date”, where they spend the big date sightseeing together with her and you may exchange presents on sunset. Through the the lady remain in Manehattan, Maud mostly expresses need for rock-associated one thing, and you will she briefly demonstrates a talent for ice skating.

Inside the gift replace, Maud gets Pinkie good cardboard basket away from cupcake-fragrant confetti, and she gets a new stone pouch to take the girl pet Boulder for the. But not, whenever she finds out one to Pinkie received this new pocket in exchange for the lady precious group canon, Maud productivity this new wallet to discover the canon straight back. She along with informs Pinkie one regardless of the she obtains to have Cake Sisters’ Shock Swap Big date, she will enjoy it much time since it is given out away from like.

Seasons 7

Inside the Dependable Friendship, Maud earns the woman rocktorate for the stone science, in addition to title away from “doctor”, and you will considers relocating to Ponyville to further the girl studies. Given that Pinkie suggests their exactly what Ponyville offers, Maud befriends Starlight Glimmer and you may bonds along with her over rocks and you can kite-flying.

An effective flashback from the episode suggests that Maud unwittingly helped Starlight on her path to starting the woman village out-of cutie draw-reduced horses, pointing the girl in the direction of brand new cavern in which she would support the cutie scratching of her followers.

Inside the Uncommon Bond, through the Sunburst’s visit to Ponyville, Maud gets family members that have him with the mutual demand for geology. She afterwards facilitate him get together again that have Starlight Glimmer when she feels overlooked during the his head to.

12 months eight

In the Maud Couple, Maud brings up Pinkie to the lady date Mudbriar. His mannerisms and you will quirks seriously get on Pinkie’s nervousness, to the point in which Pinkie struggles to rationalize just how or as to the reasons Maud likes him. Immediately following getting some advice off this lady most other sisters Limestone and you can Marble, Pinkie places with Mudbriar because the the guy tends to make Maud delighted, and also the about three commemorate Maud’s birthday celebration along with her.

For the Phony It ‘Til You make They, Maud renders a great cameo as one of the potential ponies Rarity requires to run this lady Manehattan store, Rareness For your requirements. Maud refuses, but suggests Fluttershy, also to a lesser the quantity, Boulder. Throughout the Break up Fall apart, Maud appears hanging out with Mudbriar while in the Minds and you may Hooves Big date (employing pets Boulder and you may Twiggy that have a comparable date).

In just Principals, Starlight Glimmer uses Maud become a temporary alternative professor from the the institution regarding Friendship. Within the Yakity-Sax, Maud transfers every one of Pinkie’s residential property back to the newest Pie family rock ranch right down to Pinkie temporarily moving to Yakyakistan. When Pinkie’s friends make an effort to ask their what’s going on, she will bring overly-literal answers to the concerns.

Top Present Ever before

Regarding the vacation special My Nothing Horse Most readily useful Provide Actually, Maud dating app for Adventure seems remembering Hearth’s Home heating Eve with her and you will Applejack’s group, and you will Mudbriar. Whenever Pinkie asks this lady, Limestone and you will Marble to simply help the girl prefer the ultimate gift having Twilight, Maud ways giving the girl a rock, despite Pinkie doubt you to Twilight carry out need a rock.

Seasons 9

Within the Sparkle’s Eight, Maud looks briefly because the a “specialist” to assist having Twilight’s heist, helping Applejack to-break a rock by trying to find its weakest room.

From inside the Scholar Guidance, Maud and you can Mudbriar put an associate for their relatives so you’re able to enjoy the brand new Spring Solstice. Inside team, Terramar turns up, asking for assist seeking his sister Silverstream. When you look at the search, the team find a head regarding Cockatrices, resulting in Mudbriar are turned to stone (that produces him more appealing for the Maud’s attention). Immediately after Silverstream is, that have tamed good Cockatrice she entitled “Edith”, Maud reluctantly requests Mudbriar to-be recovered to normalcy.

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